Each student is taken on an exciting learning experience as they create their own three minute web series episode. Students are given a premise and then they write and film a three-minute episode, starring themselves. An intensive production course where the aspects of script creation, acting and filming on a cell phone are covered, created and completed.

Your Zoom instruction will be one-on-one with a live instructor. You, along with others in the class, will interact directly with the instructor, ask questions, get guidance and receive personalized feedback.

Students are given the premise for each person’s episode before class begins. Then each person will present their story or script. Instructor and class will analyze and critique each student’s story or script and help to put it in a direction that works for the student’s production.  

As homework, each student will finish their 3-minute script and present it to the class the following week.

When class meets again, each student’s script is table read for production critique and production needs. The review will include feasibility of shooting in a limited timeframe, other actor availability, locations, and all aspects of the potential production. Additionally, the story idea will be discussed and tips given to refine the script. As homework, each student will be given a breakdown list sample and will need to turn in a completed breakdown of actors, props, wardrobe, locations, equipment. 

When class resumes, pre-production for each student's shoot will be discussed. Instructions will be given on how to use the phone as a camera, whether Android or iPhone. Youtube videos will be assigned as homework to get a practiced feel for using the camera in a more professional way than may have been used prior.

The next class focuses on a pre-production discussion for each student's script. The discussion will include actors, locations, wardrobe, props, equipment. As homework, a Breakdown List will be given to each student as they are to compete in for submission at the next class session. 

The final class before each student shoots their 3-minute web episode will focus on pre-production review. A group discussion will cover last minute issues and solutions for each project. Students are then to shoot their episode before the final class begins. 

On the final day of class, each student will showcase their production. A class discussion will commence involving editorial, sound and music options. A dissection of the filming process will be discussed of each student’s project and what to do differently next time.


Certification of Completion Available.