Can you talk like Spongebob? Rick and Morty? Learn voice techniques to bring an animated character to life. Each class is a fun, learning experience as you perform characters from your favorite cartoons while learning how to manipulate your voice to best match the scene and character. 

Your Zoom instruction will be one-on-one with a live instructor. You, along with others in the class, will interact directly with the instructor, ask questions, get guidance and receive personalized feedback.

Cartoon Voices is a class that not only gives you a fun outlet to pretend to be goofy cartoon characters, it is an exploration into the building of your confidence. Each student works with the instructor to gain public speaking skills, practice dialect, work on voice stuttering issues, combat reading dyslexia issues, develop inflection and practice self critique.

We have seen more personal change from our students in this course than in any other course. It is a “no pressure” method of working on multiple skills.

In the Cartoon Voices class, you will develop performance skills that can be used for animated tv shows, films, games, and beyond. You will hone and develop advanced characters that you can use for your demo reel.

Classes will work on developing your special skills / accents / what makes you unique as a person.

We will help grow your confidence to become the best cartoon voice-over artist you can be and the best person we know you are.


Certification of Completion Available.