our mission

Bugalu has been created as a platform for people who have limited opportunities to identify and access resources to realize the potential of their talent. Bugalu’s mission is to help our Members realize their potential and develop a pathway to self sufficiency.

Our focus is threefold;

          1. A wide variety of arts based instructions that lead to the creation of sellable products or skills
          2. A Marketplace where Members display their product and create their own commerce
          3. Practical daily living skills

As well, Bugalu provides a Members Only community to develop new friendships, collaborations and ultimately a newly charged self confidence.


Bugalu is for those of us who offer a different voice and a different vision. We are our own community of artists; of thinkers, doers and creators. We are here to empower you.

We understand the roadblocks you encounter and as such, have an interest in supporting individuals from across the planet who face their own special challenges each day as well as Military personnel, past, and present, who face service-related challenges.

As we grow we will continue to add additional resources for guidance, expand our mentor network, and provide you with training and information on how to live your life on your own terms.

In closing, we welcome you to Bugalu; a Community where you can learn, be inspired, collaborate, create and have fun. Here you can be yourself and not be judged in any way. We are all here as friends, as artists, as individual voices.

Remember, there are no limitations. There is only excellence.